Monday, December 3, 2012

Another semester at an end...

As 2012 comes to an end, so does another semester of creative thinking and elaborate projects and ambitious goals. Under the "Ceramics" tab you will find all of my work it said class for the semester and all of the descriptions for each piece including why each project was important to me.

I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project 4
Nature/News - January 2012
Totally drug-resistant TB emerges in India

C. While tuberculosis in India, Italy, or Iran doesn't directly effect me, the cause of it being drug resistant does. The US believes in a "pill for every ill" and the pharmaceutical companies say that good health makes a lot of "cents" not "dollars". So by doctors and pharmacists alike pushing people to take synthetic drugs for every little thing, we are developing a "super bug" in bacteria that will one day not be killed by antibiotics. Much like the TB outbreak overseas.

D. People outside of my community are effected just the same. Every where you look people are taking the first doctors word for what is wrong with them and what drug they should take. When in reality, doctors specialize in disease, NOT prescriptions... If people were able to educate themselves on all the natural ways to heal the body and even prevent it from falling ill, the world would be a lot healthier and there would be no scare of a "super bug".

E. Even though I feel EXTREMELY PASSIONATE against chemicals and synthetics that are just mimicking the real, natural herb which would do a lot better to combat whatever the illness is, there are some good things that modern medicine and pushed synthetics can do. Natural health is a great preventative measure and in most cases can cure or alleviate the actual illness. However, in dire emergency, Western Medicine is reliable... For the most part. :)

My artist: Alexis Duque

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project 3

A. Ransom, KS is where my mother was raised and her mother still lives. I have extremely fond memories of that entire, very small, town. When we were growing up, my siblings and I would spend weekends and school vacations there with my grandparents. Since it is such a small town there was no need to worry about kidnappings or anything like that so we were free to roam the town together and explore and play. I think that this still brings good memories because I wish that Hays were like this, and that my son were being raised in a world of no violence.

B. My mothers current house stresses me out. Even though we have family day there once a week, I refuse to be in her house alone and actually dread being in any one room by myself. There is something about her house that just rubs me the wrong way and I am 100% certain that it is haunted. While I do believe there are peaceful spirits I also believe there are malicious ones. I have had quite a few experiences in the house to lead me to believe that there is at least one not so nice spirit.

C. A place that identifies me would be really any place in the open country. The sun shining down, open fields, large and beautiful trees towering over you. Possibly a creek or river near by making calm and peaceful lullabies. I was always outside as a child, and still spend quite a bit of time outdoors to this day. I always find myself at total peace whenever I am in the country.

I chose Jan Aronson for my artist. She shows a beautiful movement through simple subject matter, sometimes only using black and white, others using one color (such as red, or shades of red).

Sunday, April 1st

7am- wake up and change Maddix’s diaper

8am- ran a load of dishes and laundry

9am- went to Golden Coral with the family for breakfast

10:30am- went to the Nature Trail behind the Sternberg Museum with Maddix and Brett

11am- went home to grab water and a football to take Maddix and Brett to the park

12pm- we all ate a snack

12:30- laid Maddix down for a nap, and read a few pages of a book

1pm- started cleaning

2pm- Maddix woke up and we colored in his coloring book

3-7pm- went over to my mothers with the family for our weekly family day, ate supper

7:30- went to Hastings

8pm- gave Maddix a bath

9pm- laid Maddix down for bed, worked on homework

11pm- went to sleep

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Identity and The Body

a. Some signs for my identity would be hair (I tend to have a unique style cut and try to be original), skin ( I have three tattoos), eyes ( mine change color depending on my mood), lips/smile (I have won a few Mary Kay lip contests :) ).
b. The most outstanding metaphor for me is 'thoughts are a storm, unexpected'. I often find myself thinking the most outrageous things at the most vulnerable moments, but this is also when some of the greatest ideas I have for photo shoots or poetry hit. Also some single metaphors that come to mind are "hammer" for strength and stability, and "silk" for being delicate.
c. Identity Politics - I am working on changing my lifestyle and those around me to be passively and physically Non Violent. Also possibly Fluidity - I tend to be like the wind on some aspects and flow where I am taken.
e. Kruger stated "your body is a battleground" and is thought to mean by it the pro-choice movement and women's reproductive rights. Others tend to take this as also meaning "the body, including its expression in sexuality, ;is one of the great political arenas of our times,' as Thomas Laqueur".
f. The body is constantly being judged and sometimes fought over. When I was pregnant I had to fight for my right to have a natural birth at home, and still fighting that decision today. I absolutely agree and can relate to her statement.

Victor Romao - I chose this artist because he uses his art to make the public aware of the dangers that actually exist in North America, focusing on male violence, fear, and alterity (otherness). Even though these topics are not what I am most passionate about, they are great topics that should be made more public.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sketchbook - Beauty & Repulsion

The second is BEAUTY and the first is REPULSION using non-objective marks.

Beauty & Repulsion

BEAUTY is the essence of harmony of an individual, object, or place that can be sensed both on the inside as well as out. When I see beauty I am moved both mentally and on the deepest emotional level. True beauty can move the soul and leave its gentle touch permanently. Each of these photos were taken because they made me speechless and I felt love and compassion when I was in the presence of each.

REPULSION, to me, is the exact same as beauty. However instead of harmony you have absolute chaos of everything dark and twisted. Bare in mind that this is only my opinion, and I actually struggle with it. To elaborate, chaos can be beautiful as well given the right circumstances. I chose each of these pictures because the made me feel uncomfortable and sad, as though our world is spiraling into doom. The poor monkey is so lost and sad looking it's heartbreaking. The pheasant was found outside my home as a result of hunting, and the stop light in the sunset was taken because at that exact moment, it was as if the heavens were splitting to stay "STOP"!

Sunday, August 16, 2009